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TDP November Spotlight Artist: Eric Leva

The Devils’ Playlist is happy to initiate our new monthly feature, TDP Spotlight Artist, with the work of Eric Leva. Once a month, we will feature an artist or band who we believe deserves the spotlight for incredible sound, music innovation, outstanding lyrical content, or just overall coolness. Each month we will dedicate a page to our featured artist to discuss their background in music and share their work. We are very excited to introduce this new feature with Eric’s music.

tumblr_static_6mzdh0ucdick4gw4ccg48w4c4Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Eric Leva says that he draws inspiration from open conversations he has over coffee with friends. The Burlington native, who currently lives and performs in New York City, uses the personal connections in his own life in order to better relate to a larger listening audience. Currently our spotlight artist is writing new music and assisting others in their musical endeavors. Members of the marching band are honored to have him return to BHS as the Assistant Marching Band Director. Eric also returns to Burlington as the Music Director for the Burlington Educational Summer Theatre, teaching kids the values and fundamentals of dancing, acting, and singing.

From childhood, Leva has been working on his artistry, teaching himself piano at seven; exploring art, music, and poetry at Burlington High; and then going on to study classical piano at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. And while Eric’s music is rooted in classical, his work has crossed over into different genres, such as indie pop, indie rock, and electro. He believes keeping a broad musical palette positively influences his music and is healthy for musicians.

Leva really found himself exploring his talents in high school. He relates, “the music department at BHS offers a lot of creative variety. In just one hallway, I was able to pursue marching band, concert band, jazz band, music theory, select singers, musicals, spring sing, and vocal labs.” A passion for music was furthered by the friends he made in the music department, as well as the subject depth his teachers explored in class. Eric credits the English Department at BHS with providing him creative license to express himself. He specifically cites Poetry Out Loud and the BHS Poetry Club as two big influences. “I was not a good poet,” he recalls, “but I was surrounded by likeminded people who were all interested in self-expression through written and spoken word.” Leva also concludes that his time at school gave him, “a running start in drawing the connection between words and music.” After graduating from BHS, he continued his musical career at Berklee College of Music. It was there that he truly fell in love wit songwriting. During his third semester at Berklee, Eric declared a major in songwriting.

Leva’s advice to aspiring artists is to be patient. He believes artists should put everything they have into their work and learn absolutely everything about it. Additionally, Leva hopes to connect with people on an intimate level and leave an impact on his listeners.

Listen to Eric’s single, “None of The Above” here on Soundcloud!

Listen to Eric’s new single, “Renovation” here on Soundcloud!

Listen to Eric’s single, “I Should Know” here on Soundcloud!

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