TDP Review: The Weeknd’s New Singles

This past Saturday night, October 1st, marked the 42nd season premiere of SNL, hosted by Margo Robbie with musical guest the Weeknd. While the main focus of the episode was on the week in politics as the show unveiled their new Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, the real star was the Weeknd. He performed the first two singles from his latest album, Starboy, scheduled to drop on November 25th. Starting with he acclaimed titular track “Starboy,” and finishing with  his latest dance floor noir song “False Alarm,” The Weeknd did not disappoint. Both recently released songs have gained some traction and certainly suggest that there’s a lot to look forward to in Starboy‘s release.

After Abél Makkonen Tesfaye, the musician known as The Weeknd, was so successful with his Billboard topping “Can’t Feel My Face,” Grammy Award-winning “The Hills,” and Academy Award-nominated “Earned It,” he truly is a Starboy. So, it’s no surprise that the title track of his upcoming album is about his huge and rapid rise to fame. As the song says, The Weeknd “took the [last] year like a bandit.” The lyrics, more typical of today’s hip hop songs, taut his accomplishments; brag about the multiple beautiful women he spends his time with; and reference drugs, money, cribs, and cars. The difference is that the song has a rather dark tone, typical of the artist . “Look what you done,” a line prominent in the song’s refrain, carries dual meanings: acknowledge these amazing accomplishments, AND look at the aftermath of success. While the song catalogs evidence of American success, it also seems to be criticizing these definitions of success. Regardless of the artist’s intent here, the song is unquestionably fun. With the dark thoughts of Tesfaye paired with Daft Punk’s subtle dance sounds, it’s a track you will sing along to in the car.

While the somber lyrics of “False Alarm” focus on a superficial and emotionally unavailable woman drawn in by drugs and alcohol and money and jewelry (typical subject matter for the artist), the sound is high energy. This track simultaneously throws back to early 2000’s dance-punk and brings listeners to today with the creative ambient sounds, especially in the intro and outro, and injections of passion most clearly noted in the scream preceding the song’s hook. Whether you are a fan of Abél Makkonen Tesfaye’s music or not, whether you prefer your dance music more authentic or not, this single will get you moving.  That’s the real point, isn’t it?




TDP News: Music Mondays Come to BHS


The Devils’ Playlist is very pleased to announce the start of MUSIC MONDAYS at BHS. We love music and we firmly believe that listening to music can help shape your day, lift your spirits, and open your mind. Thus, beginning on Monday, October 20th, we will be playing a song before the morning announcements to help you start your day. Because we value the concept of a music community here at TDP, we would like your help in choosing the songs we play. All you need to do is email us at with your song suggestion. Be sure you include the name of the song and the artist who performs it, as well as your name and your homeroom teacher’s name. As Monday mornings present a particular challenge in terms of preparing for the return of the school week, we are looking for positive songs, psych-up songs, or songs that just put you in a good mood. Anyone who suggests a song will be automatically entered to win our first monthly FREE TUNES FRIDAY drawing; the winner of the drawing will receive a $25.00 iTunes gift card. If we choose your song for Music Monday, your name will be entered into the drawing twice.

Good luck, Devils! And thank you for sharing the sounds that drive you.

TDP News: The Boston Music Awards Announce Nominees

Sound-Of-Our-Town-Flyer-791x1024Today at the newly launched South Boston outdoor venue Lawn on D, the Boston Music Awards kicked off their season by hosting a free concert featuring some of the city’s best musicians. The line-up, which included jazz-blues artist Eli Paperboy Reed, rap performer Dutch Rebelle, and indie band Speedy Ortiz, was headlined by New England-bred duo The Both, comprised of Aimee Mann and Ted Leo. The event, titled Sound of Our Town, was more than just a day-long festival highlighting local talent; BMA organizers used the event to announce this year’s award nominees and allowed attendees to participate in live public voting. Those votes, along with those of the Voting Academy and the online public votes, will determine the winners. This year’s Boston Music Awards ceremony will be held on December 14th at the Revere Hotel.

This year’s nominees are:


Bad Rabbits

Dutch Rebelle

Lake Street Dive

Speedy Ortiz

Will Dailey


D-Tension, “D-Tension’s Secret Project”

Hallelujah The Hills “Have You Ever Done Something Evil?”

Magic Man, “Before The Waves”

Quilt, “Held In Splendor”

Will Dailey, “National Throat”


Air Traffic Controller, “The House”

Dutch ReBelle “Yen”

John Powhida International Airport “Cover Me I’m Going for Milk”

Lake Street Dive “Bad Self Portraits”

Skaters “Miss Teen Massachusetts”


Petty Morals

St. Nothing

The Color And Sound

The Needy Sons

When Particles Collide


Bad Rabbits

Goddamn Draculas

Parlour Bells

Sidewalk Driver

Tigerman WOAH


Goddamn Draculas

Hallelujah The Hills

Mean Creek

Petty Morals

Speedy Ortiz


Cam Meekins

Dutch ReBelle

Michael Christmas




Bad Rabbits

Dwight & Nicole

Eli “Paperboy” Reed

Louie Bello

Shea Rose


Cask Mouse

Joe Fletcher

Sarah Borges

Session Americana



Gracie Curran And The High Falutin’

Peter Parcek

Quinn Sullivan

Roomful Of Blues

Sugar Ray And The Blue Tones


Bianca Oblivion

Chris Ewen

Frank White


Leah V


Andre Obin



Pale Hands

St. Nothing


Ballroom Thieves

Dan Blakeslee

David Wax Museum

Mutual Benefit



Debo Band


Los Rumberos de Boston

Marcus Santos

Shun Ng


Danilo Perez

Grace Kelly

Lake Street Dive

Omar Thomas

Rebecca Parris






The Proselyte



Guerilla Toss


Razors In The Night

The Hotelier


Lori McKenna

Marissa Nadler

Nate Leavitt

Ruby Rose Fox

Will Dailey


Amy Douglas of Feints

Jenny Dee of Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents

Marissa Nadler

Ruby Rose Fox

Sarah Rabdau


Barrence Whitfield

Christian McNeil

Gene Dante

Jesse Dee

Roy Sludge


Benny Grotto

Brian Charles

Clinton Sparks

Ed Valauskas

Justin Pizzoferrato


Free Pizza, “Boston MA”

Faces On Film, “The Rule”

Hallelujah The Hills “I Stand Corrected”

Matthew Connor, “How Is July Already Over?”

STL GLD, “Again”


Eli “Paperboy” Reed

Hooray For Earth

Lake Street Dive


The Both


Don’t Ask Don’t Tell at Great Scott

Heroes at TT The Bear’s Place

Make It New at Middlesex Lounge

Pico Picante at Good Life

Soulelujah at ZuZu


Atwood’s Tavern

Brighton Music Hall

Great Scott

Red Star Union

The Sinclair


Bored of Health at the Plough And Stars

Eleanor Bigsby at Toad

Louie Bello at the Abbey

Tim Gearan at Atwood’s

White Owls at Toad


Allston Pudding

Boston Hassle

Daykamp Music



TDP NEWS: Conan O’Brien Digs George Harrison

appleyearsLast night marked the conclusion of Conan O’Brien’s week-long tribute to George Harrison and his pivotal album All Things Must Pass. Musical guests including Paul Simon, Beck, Dhani Harrison (George’s son), and Norah Jones honored the late Beatles guitar player by performing some of his beloved songs. The week’s tribute followed up Capitol Records’ recent release of the George Harrison: The Apple Years (1968 – 1975) box set, which compiles his first six solo albums, previously unreleased live and demo tracks, and includes a bonus DVD of some rare live footage.

This Sunday, LA’s Fonda Theater will host George Fest, an all-star tribute concert featuring artists ranging from The Flaming Lips’s Wayne Coyne to “Weird” Al Yankovic.

You can see all of the George Harrison tribute performances that aired this week on Conan O’Brien here:

Paul Simon (friend of Harrison):”Here Comes the Sun”

Beck (fan of Harrison) : “Wah Wah”

Dhani Harrison and Friends (son of Harrison): “Let it Down”

Norah Jones (daughter of Ravi Shankar, Harrison’s spiritual guide): “Behind that Locked Door”

TDP News: Grrrls Support School of Doodle

f7a0684dd25ee0a37526e605cf58e359_largeVirtual education is nothing new, but the idea of a free on-line high school designed to inspire the creative thinking of girls through lessons taught by the likes of Kim Gordon, bassist and vocalist for Sonic Youth; Leslie Arfin, staff writer for HBO’s Girls and MTV’s Awkward; and Alice Waters, farm-to-table pioneer chef, is pretty revolutionary. That’s just what School of Doodle is trying to accomplish, some constructive rebellion in the minds of young women. In fact, in outlining their vision and defining what they call a “Doodle girl,” School of Doodle creators quote the zine of 90’s punk/grrl rock band Bikini Kill when saying that such a person would “share a belief that girls constitute a revolutionary soul force that can, and will change the world for real.”  Creating world-shaking girls via virtual lessons from a variety of talented, cool, inspiring artists might just be the  next big thing in education.

What School of Doodle founders are calling a “peer-to-peer, self-directed learning lab dedicated to activating girls’ imagination through entertainment, education, and community” will get its start through crowd-sourced funding. Supporters who want to help School of Doodle reach their goal of $75,000 can do so by pledging to their Kickstarter campaign, which launched three days ago. With incentives like receiving doodles from Courtney Love, Yoko Ono, or Pussy Riot, the project is already almost half-way to that goal. A mere $1.00 donation turns contributors into Be Loud Club members, which helps reinforce the school’s ideology. A driving piece of School of Doodle’s mission is to teach girls to be loud; by “demanding to be seen and heard”; by “embracing every part of [the self] – the messy and the neat”; by “being colorful, curious, compassionate, creative, courageous and confident.” As long as you are a girl born after 1996, that $1.00 gets you access to the school’s test phase. The school’s creators hope that this type of incentive will help create a Doodle community, which is a necessity in keeping the project centered on those who will be using it. 

According to Molly Logan, the school’s co-founder who was inspired by her work on Station to Station to launch this project, School of Doodle’s curriculum will be varied and imaginative, covering a wide range of topics. Although arts-focused, those topics are by no means limited to art. The development of their curriculum will be “driven by the Doodle community and a teen board of directors” ( Yes, the school was designed with teen girls in mind and the “participatory component of girls teaching lessons will be for teens only,” but everyone will be able to access the lessons, and to be inspired – for free. Men will teach and mentor, share and learn, and be part of the Doodle community. Teens and adults alike will find imaginative motivation in the lessons. This variety and equality is one of the forces that makes the project, and its curriculum such an innovative digital learning experience.

School of Doodle strives to teach girls to “value themselves” and to help create a world “where girls don’t ask for permission.” The collaboration of visual artists, musicians, designers, imaginative business professionals, writers, chefs, etc., – ranging from Salman Rushdie to Cat power – is evidence of the energy and excitement surrounding the project and the investment in the school’s mission. Encouraging girls to dare to believe in themselves is a timely idea. The sample lesson included on the School of Doodle campaign page opens with lines from Bikini Kill’s song “Double Dare Ya” – lines that serve as a call to action to the girls School of Doodle is trying to reach. “Dare you to do what you want. Dare you to be who you will. Dare you to cry, cry out loud….Double dare ya!”

For more information, or to contribute to School of Doodle, visit their campaign page here:

TDP Music News: 92.5 Music Matters Contest

There is no shortage of musical talent here at Burlington High School. Thanks to a local independent radio station, you have  a chance to showcase some of that talent. The River, 92.5, recently announced their 2014 Music Matters High School Spotlight competition. Thanks to Salem Five, they are offering $500.00 to the winning student’s/students’ high school music department. If you have recorded an original music composition, you can submit your work to the station for the 92.5 DJs to review. You could win an opportunity to record live in the River Music Hall, and hear your song on the radio.

Listen to the contest promo here:

Visit the Music Matters page on 92.5’s website for information on how to submit your work.




TDP Music News: Sum 41 Frontman Deryck Whibley Has Liver and Kidney Failure

Deryck Whibley unconsciousFor fans of rock band Sum 41, many are familiar with frontman Deryck Whibley’s sometimes rampant drinking habits as seen through the band’s innumerable tour videos, studio updates, and live performances in which he is often shown drinking. And after years on the sauce, Whibley explains in a recent post on his website that it “finally caught up to him.” In the post, Whibley discloses that he has been in the hospital for over a month after a liver and kidney failure following a night of heavy drinking. After weeks of recuperation, the frontman expresses that he is going to use this experience to re-focus his life on writing songs with Sum 41 explaining that “[he has his] passion and inspiration back for writing music.” Check out the full post below:

hey everyone, it’s deryck here. sorry i’ve been so m.i.a. lately, but i’ve been very sick in the hospital for a month and was pretty sick for a few weeks leading up to my trip to the hospital. the reason i got so sick is from all the hard boozing i’ve been doing over the years. it finally caught up to me. i was drinking hard every day. until one night. i was sitting at home, poured myself another drink around mid night and was about to watch a movie when all of a sudden i didn’t feel so good. i then collapsed to the ground unconscious. my fiancé got me rushed to the hospital where they put me into the intensive care unit. i was stuck with needles and i.v.’s all over. i was completely sedated the FIRST WEEK. when i finally woke up the next day i had no idea where i was. my mum and step dad were standing over me. i was so freaked out. my liver and kidney’s collapsed on me. needless to say it scared me straight. i finally realized i can’t drink anymore. if i have one drink the doc’s say i will die. i’m not preaching or anything but just always drink responsibly. i didn’t, and look where that got me. (i never thought i would ever say that! haha) anyway i have my passion and inspiration back for writing music. i already have a few song ideas for new songs. soon it will be time to start making an album and getting back to touring again. see you all sometime! there will be more posts again so say up to date friends.


TDP Music News: Summer Tours Coming to MA

ArenaIf you’re a fan of concerts, music festivals, and headliner tours of the sort, you know that the summer is the prime time for events such as these. And lucky enough for all BHS students, we live close enough to venues that many of these performances will be less than an hour drive away. So what concerts should you look out for this summer? Check out our list of some of the fantastic tours that will making their way through Massachusetts this summer!

Grandview: 6/5/14; Venue TBA

Modern Baseball, Tiny Moving Parts, The Hoterlier: 6/7/14; Cambridge, MA – Middle East

Nothing, Superheaven [formerly Daylight], and Whirr6/12/14; Boston, MA – TBA

The Monumentour – Paramore and Fall Out Boy: 6/22/14; Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center

Vans Warped Tour: 7/10/14; Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center

Justin Timberlake: 7/19/14; Boston, MA – TD Garden

Pentimento, Have Mercy, and Gates: 7/23/14; Cambridge, MA – Middle East Upstairs

Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden: 7/29/14; Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center

Say Anything, The Front Bottoms, You Blew It!: 7/29/14; Boston, MA – House Of Blues

Young The Giant and Kings Of Leon: 8/9/14; Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center

Bad Religion, Pennywise, The Vandals: 8/11/14; Boston, MA – House Of Blues

Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars, and AFI: 8/16; Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center

Arcade Fire: 8/19/14; Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center

Mötley Crüe Farewell Tour w/ Alice Cooper: 8/24/12; Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center

The Black Keys and Cage the Elephant: 9/21/14; Boston, MA – TD Garden


TDP Review: Modern Baseball ‘You’re Gonna Miss It All’

MODERN BASEBALLAs an avid listener of all things rock, I was pleasantly surprised by the Philadelphia-based band Modern Baseball. Part pop-punk, part indie rock, part emo, Modern Baseball is one of those bands that you fall in love with but you’re not quite sure why – in the best way possible.  Their music seems to grab you and never let you go. The vocals and instrumental work are not groundbreaking, yet their music is catchy as all get out, and that is what makes it stand out. Best described as ‘raw’ with in-your-face lyrics, Modern Baseball’s work is sure to bring out the full range of  teenage emotions. With variations from acoustic jams to indie-punk ballads, Modern Baseball have an undoubted talent.

On their sophomore LP, You’re Gonna Miss It All, which was released this past October by Run for Cover Records, the band delivers. While leaning toward a more emo-influenced sound, the band expresses their folk influences with ample acoustic work on the record, highlighting their musical diversity. In addition to the impressively diverse nature of the album, Modern Baseball have managed to make this effort undeniably relatable with with their lyrical content. The songs express an ‘angsty teen’ vibe, focusing on emotional topics like reminiscence, coping with changes, and relationship struggles. Through use of charged and sometimes profane language, the band’s lyrics authentically express the raw emotions of many young Americans – ranging from passive sadness to aggressive frustration.

The album kicks off with the track, “Fine, Great” – a song that opens with the tone-setting lyrics “I hate worrying about the future… ‘Cause all my. . .problems are based around the past.” The song’s initial melancholy acoustic style, which itself is nostalgic, reflects its lyrical focus on the past . As the mix progresses, the bass pops in, and the layering sounds rise. “Fine, Great”  ends with the expression of a realization that everything is transient – even friendships and other budding relationships. The lyrics capture the anxiety of changing times, abandonment from friends, and the general lousiness that comes with embarking on a journey into the ‘real-world,’ an undeniably relatable topic for high school students.

Perhaps the strongest track on the album is “Your Graduation,”  a song that is up to par with some of the best pop-punk anthems out there. Primarily dominated by lead singer Brendan Lukens, who sings about a life-long crush, “Your Graduation” is another emotional take on relationships. The immediately dynamic track takes an energetic turn for the better as drummer Sean Huber cuts in with his vocals about thirty seconds into the song. With a vocal deliverance that is worthy of an entire separate musical endeavor, Huber’s gritty and powerful barking melodies provide a satisfying sound that parallels the frustration described in the lyrics. During this section led by Huber, one cannot help but to jam out to his drum beats and grooving rhythms with some headbanging or tapping along to the jarring feel of the banging drums. The frenetic pacing and energetic nature of this song alone makes it the gem of this album.

From their nod to hard rock with “Charlie Black,” to their sentimental song “Pothole,” Modern Baseball have created a diverse record that proves to be their best work. The track “Pothole” serves as a great conclusion to the album. I am not an extreme fan of acoustic music, but this track is the strongest in terms of lyrics. “Whether you like that or not”, is what ends this track, and expresses acceptance of oneself. This song shows a sense of maturity which contrasts their other tracks, and ultimately allows for a sense of closure. While the album acts as a reflection on something lost, the song “Pothole” is the first impression of moving on.

With an album as catchy, emotionally relatable, and just plain fun as You’re Gonna Miss It All, they have proven themselves to be valued contributors to the contemporary music scene. Modern Baseball could very well be the best band you’ve never heard of.

Modern Baseball performing an acoustic version of “Pothole”(not indicative of their other tracks):

Credit: Property of Zack


TDP Podcast: “Where Have the Bands Gone?”


This is the first ever TDP podcast. We would like to give a special thanks to all those who were interviewed for this podcast including Mrs. Janovitz, Mrs. Ford, TJ Horgan, and Angel Vargas. All links to mentioned bands and articles can be found below:

Bands Mentioned:

The Dirty Looks’ Facebook page:

Link to The Dirty Looks’ new single “Catholic Radio”:

Grandview’s Facebook page:

Link to Grandview’s “Everything Between Paint and a Wall”:

TJ Horgan’s Original Article from “The Devil’s Advocate”:


Links to Other BHS Music Sites:

Music and Performing Arts Page:

Songs used for Background Music:

1) “The Addict” – Amarante

2) “Sitting On Gold (The Latter)” – Grandview

3) “Catholic Radio” – The Dirty Looks

4) “Never Meant” – American Football

5) “Once the Ocean” – Owel

6) “Golden Twin” – Wild Ones

7) “Gold” – Macklemore

8) “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked” – Cage the Elephant

9) “Touch Me I’m Sick” – Mudhoney

10) “Anna Molly” – Incubus

11) “A King Returns Home” – Angel Vargas

12) “Fughetta in C” – Daniel Rooney

13) “Graves” – The Color and Sound