TDP Recommends: Mondo Cozmo

This post is the first in our Teacher’s Dig Music series. Stay tuned to read more about what your teachers are listening to.

Mondo Cozmo is my new favorite! LA-based musician Josh Ostrander’s latest project has become my late summer obsession. It could be that he is clearly influenced by musicians who populated my playlists from just about every step in my musical discovery journey so far, or it could be that his songs have an energy I need right now. It doesn’t matter the reason, I am loving listening.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.29.20 PM.pngHis genre-bending sound moves from nostalgic to innovative, from folk to to Britrock, from Dylan to Spiritualized – and it does so seamlessly. I haven’t been this excited about a musician in a while. Ostrander has been kicking around in some relatively obscure indie groups on the music scene since he founded the alt-rock band Laguardia in 2000. I am hopeful that with Mondo Cozmo’s debut album Plastic Soul, he will shift from obscurity to recognition. Though you likely won’t hear this stuff over the loudspeaker for Music Mondays anytime soon, you just might catch it on your Discover Weekly.

Here is my  favorite track from the album, “Hold On To Me.” Dig it, Devils!

TDP Playlist: It’s Halloween!

Here’s an old playlist, but a great playlist. Happy Halloween, Devils!




TDP Shout Out: BHS Seniors (from Mrs. Ford)

Today’s Teacher Tuesday song, “Stay Positve” by The Hold Steady, goes out to all the BHS seniors from Mrs. Ford. It’s a musical reminder to be as positive as you can as you move forward through life. Mrs. Ford hopes you all have positive experiences in your bright futures, and that you remember to tap into your jubilant and exuberant spirits. Be mindful of Robert Browning’s words: “the best is yet to be…” (though Ford’s House is forever!)

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, Devils Faculty!

sayings5296We would like to take this opportunity, on the last day of teacher appreciation week, to thank the amazing BHS faculty and staff for their encouragement and support. It has been so much fun to learn about the music you love, share our favorite songs with you, and work together to celebrate music in our BHS community. In addition to all the work you do for us on a daily basis – planning, grading, discussing, sharing, coaching, presenting, engaging, inspiring – you find time in your lives to talk to us about something so near and dear to our hearts. We are truly grateful for all the work that you do, for seeing us through the hard times and the good. It’s time to” celebrate you…to praise you like [we] should.”

Thank you Devils Faculty! We LOVE you.