Matt Martin’s Goodbye Playlist

TDP and meBefore it all began, The Devils’ Playlist was just an idea, a concept thought up by my AP Literature and Composition teacher, Mrs. Janovitz, but over the course of this year, I was able to see it grow into something absolutely amazing. Originally, Mrs. Janovitz had casually mentioned TDP in class one day, saying that she was going to be setting up a table at the club fair for all those interested in discussing and writing about music. Naturally, I was interested, and ever since our first club meeting in October, I became hooked on writing about music news and doing my own reviews. I started following music news websites and innumerable artists, and I found a passion that I had never even considered up until this year. I met a group of individuals that was equally impassioned by music as much as I was, and my music library soon began growing at an unprecedented rate.

Whether it be for our articles, our recommendations, or our podcast, the amount of support we have received from both the BHS faculty and the student body throughout this year has been not only pleasing but also extremely flattering. I am more than satisfied with how TDP has grown in such as short time. Joining The Devils’ Playlist was one of the best decisions I made throughout my entire high school career, and I want to give my dearest and most sincere thanks to Mrs. Janovitz, every reader we have had, and every member of TDP for making it such an enjoyable and memorable experience. I can only hope that TDP will live on in the years to come because I will certainly be back to write some articles in the future. As for my ‘goodbye playlist,’ these songs are a sort compilation of the emotional stages I’ve felt in my final days in high school. So without any further adieu, here are my ‘goodbye’ songs, BHS.

Stage One – Disbelief: “I Feel So” by Boxcar Racer

Stage Two – Nostalgia: “Lightspeed” by Grieves

Stage Three – Acceptance: “Move Along” by All-American Rejects

Stage Four – Growth: “The Adventure” by Angels & Airwaves

Stage Five – Energetic Bliss: “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant

Stage Six – More Bliss: “A Night At the Spleen” by Closure in Moscow

Stage Seven – Fear for Future:  “Help I’m Alive” by Metric

Stage Eight – Ready for Future: “Drive” by Incubus




TDP Music News: Sum 41 Frontman Deryck Whibley Has Liver and Kidney Failure

Deryck Whibley unconsciousFor fans of rock band Sum 41, many are familiar with frontman Deryck Whibley’s sometimes rampant drinking habits as seen through the band’s innumerable tour videos, studio updates, and live performances in which he is often shown drinking. And after years on the sauce, Whibley explains in a recent post on his website that it “finally caught up to him.” In the post, Whibley discloses that he has been in the hospital for over a month after a liver and kidney failure following a night of heavy drinking. After weeks of recuperation, the frontman expresses that he is going to use this experience to re-focus his life on writing songs with Sum 41 explaining that “[he has his] passion and inspiration back for writing music.” Check out the full post below:

hey everyone, it’s deryck here. sorry i’ve been so m.i.a. lately, but i’ve been very sick in the hospital for a month and was pretty sick for a few weeks leading up to my trip to the hospital. the reason i got so sick is from all the hard boozing i’ve been doing over the years. it finally caught up to me. i was drinking hard every day. until one night. i was sitting at home, poured myself another drink around mid night and was about to watch a movie when all of a sudden i didn’t feel so good. i then collapsed to the ground unconscious. my fiancé got me rushed to the hospital where they put me into the intensive care unit. i was stuck with needles and i.v.’s all over. i was completely sedated the FIRST WEEK. when i finally woke up the next day i had no idea where i was. my mum and step dad were standing over me. i was so freaked out. my liver and kidney’s collapsed on me. needless to say it scared me straight. i finally realized i can’t drink anymore. if i have one drink the doc’s say i will die. i’m not preaching or anything but just always drink responsibly. i didn’t, and look where that got me. (i never thought i would ever say that! haha) anyway i have my passion and inspiration back for writing music. i already have a few song ideas for new songs. soon it will be time to start making an album and getting back to touring again. see you all sometime! there will be more posts again so say up to date friends.


TDP Music News: Summer Tours Coming to MA

ArenaIf you’re a fan of concerts, music festivals, and headliner tours of the sort, you know that the summer is the prime time for events such as these. And lucky enough for all BHS students, we live close enough to venues that many of these performances will be less than an hour drive away. So what concerts should you look out for this summer? Check out our list of some of the fantastic tours that will making their way through Massachusetts this summer!

Grandview: 6/5/14; Venue TBA

Modern Baseball, Tiny Moving Parts, The Hoterlier: 6/7/14; Cambridge, MA – Middle East

Nothing, Superheaven [formerly Daylight], and Whirr6/12/14; Boston, MA – TBA

The Monumentour – Paramore and Fall Out Boy: 6/22/14; Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center

Vans Warped Tour: 7/10/14; Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center

Justin Timberlake: 7/19/14; Boston, MA – TD Garden

Pentimento, Have Mercy, and Gates: 7/23/14; Cambridge, MA – Middle East Upstairs

Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden: 7/29/14; Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center

Say Anything, The Front Bottoms, You Blew It!: 7/29/14; Boston, MA – House Of Blues

Young The Giant and Kings Of Leon: 8/9/14; Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center

Bad Religion, Pennywise, The Vandals: 8/11/14; Boston, MA – House Of Blues

Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars, and AFI: 8/16; Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center

Arcade Fire: 8/19/14; Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center

Mötley Crüe Farewell Tour w/ Alice Cooper: 8/24/12; Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center

The Black Keys and Cage the Elephant: 9/21/14; Boston, MA – TD Garden


TDP Recommends: “Pigeon Feathers” by River Whyless

River WhylessIn the words of the members themselves, North Carolina-based folk group River Whyless “is named in spirit of its ongoing love affair with the natural world,” and it is this propensity for a sort of ‘organic’ inspiration that has fueled the band’s amazingly unique folk-based sound. The quartet has been labeled as “folk-rock, nature-pop, and baroque-folk,” but in listening to the group’s 2012 release A Stone, A Leaf, An Unfound Door it is evident that the band’s music can be best described as thoroughly passionate both musically and lyrically.  Being one of the best tracks from this release, “Pigeon Feathers” acts as an epitomic representation of the album’s array of emotions, its interesting twists on traditional folk song structure, and the band’s impressive construction of varied dynamics and blissful melodies. If you’re in need of a sweet folk jam in your life, this track is for you. Dig it, Devils!

You can also download this track for free on the group Bandcamp page here:


TDP Recommends: ‘The Scope of All of This Rebuilding’ by The Hotelier

homeOften when listening to a record, one can tell whether or not the band or artist put everything they had into it, and it is quite evident that emo rockers The Hotelier know what it means to put every ounce of their heart and soul into an album. On their new record – Home, Like Noplace Is There – the Worcester, MA-based four-piece showcases a forefront of wholehearted lyrical and musical emotion that makes the record both captivating and unforgettable. With a guitar-driven sound characterized by an unabridged energy and lyrical passion, The Hotelier have taken the better aspects of their previous releases and combined them with an early emo rock influence to create a record that is both impressive and unique. This standout track, “The Scope of All of This Rebuilding,” is an excellent representation of the record’s intense emotional honesty and pensive mood.  Check out “The Scope of All of This Rebuilding” below, and dig it, Devils!


TDP Podcast: “Where Have the Bands Gone?”


This is the first ever TDP podcast. We would like to give a special thanks to all those who were interviewed for this podcast including Mrs. Janovitz, Mrs. Ford, TJ Horgan, and Angel Vargas. All links to mentioned bands and articles can be found below:

Bands Mentioned:

The Dirty Looks’ Facebook page:

Link to The Dirty Looks’ new single “Catholic Radio”:

Grandview’s Facebook page:

Link to Grandview’s “Everything Between Paint and a Wall”:

TJ Horgan’s Original Article from “The Devil’s Advocate”:


Links to Other BHS Music Sites:

Music and Performing Arts Page:

Songs used for Background Music:

1) “The Addict” – Amarante

2) “Sitting On Gold (The Latter)” – Grandview

3) “Catholic Radio” – The Dirty Looks

4) “Never Meant” – American Football

5) “Once the Ocean” – Owel

6) “Golden Twin” – Wild Ones

7) “Gold” – Macklemore

8) “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked” – Cage the Elephant

9) “Touch Me I’m Sick” – Mudhoney

10) “Anna Molly” – Incubus

11) “A King Returns Home” – Angel Vargas

12) “Fughetta in C” – Daniel Rooney

13) “Graves” – The Color and Sound

TDP Music News: Local Band The Dirty Looks Release New Single “Catholic Radio”

catholic radioAfter writing three different records over the past year and ultimately deciding to scrap all of them, it seems as though Burlington, MA-based band The Dirty Looks have been through it all. Despite these recent challenges, after a creative burst that consisted of about a week and a half of constant writing, the band created four songs they were truly proud of and recorded them in just three days. Being the first single from this upcoming EP, “Catholic Radio” expresses just how much this persistence benefitted the band as a whole. With a sound characterized by beautifully articulated guitar parts and grooves that are undeniably jammin’, this single creates a perfect mesh between conscientious, well thought-out musicality and a universally enjoyable rock attitude. In addition to the track’s impressive cohesiveness, “Catholic Radio” has arguably the band’s catchiest chorus to date and acts as a beautiful first single, enticing listeners to check out the rest of the upcoming EP. The track simultaneously sets high expectations for the rest of the songs that The Dirty Looks are sure to fulfill. So what should you do, Devils? Why not give “Catholic Radio” a listen? It’ll be your next jam!

Check out the single on The Dirty Looks’ bandcamp page here:


TDP Recommends: “Golden Twin” by Wild Ones

Wild OnesOften times, the best kinds of songs are those during which one can sit back, nod in rhythm, and just jam in silence. If you are looking for this euphoric kind of effect, look no further than the band known as the Wild Ones. Sporting a lush and equally infectious sound, the Portland, Oregon-based five-piece teams together to seamlessly amalgamate influences that include hardcore punk, techno, and classical. As one could assume, the product of these diverse influences is impressively unique, creating a sound that is best described as a blissful pop paradise with an intense focus on musicality. Being one of the catchiest and most enjoyable songs from their most recent release Keep This Safe, “Golden Twin” encapsulates all of the Wild Ones’ potential and expresses just how versatile their pop and electronica-laced tracks can be. Dig it, Devils!

TDP Music News: Mumford & Sons Not Breaking Up

Mumford & SonsSince September, when Mumford & Sons announced that the group would be going on a temporary hiatus, the band has remained relatively quiet with their endeavors until the quartet’s banjo player, Winston Marshall, recently broke the silence. Last night in an interview with Vulture, Marshall stated that the band was no more. “It’s over,” he said, “We had a good time, though, you know. It was good.” Today, multiple representatives for the band confirmed that Marshall was just making some kind of bad joke, meaning for the remark to be taken in jest. Despite the fact that the band will not be breaking up any time soon, Mumford & Sons will continue their hiatus for the time being.

TDP Music News: Smashing Pumpkins to Release Two New Albums in 2015

Smashing PumpkinsSmashing Pumpkins frontman, Billy Corgan, recently announced that the band will release two albums in 2015: Monuments To An Elegy and Day For Night. In terms of what fans should expect for a sound, Corgan stated on the band’s website, ” Think: ‘guitars, guitars, guitars, and more guitars’; but more so on the epic side of things than say, grossly metallic.” With many of the songs ready to record, the band  and Howard Willing, producer of their 1998 album Adore,  hit the studio on Tuesday. The Smashing Pumpkins plan to release a new single by the end of 2014.

Check out Corgan’s full post on the band’s website here:!Two-New-Smashing-Pumpkins-Albums-Set-for-2015/c7ba/A17022BC-8DA1-4A25-9D18-71B7B24E39BB