Barbieri’s Pregame KICKS! Dig it, Devils!

We LOVE that senior Paul Barbieri, “backbone for Burlington Hockey,” makes music part of his pregame ritual, and we certainly don’t mind that his ritual includes The Foo Fighters’ “Pretender.” This track – the lead single on the band’s 2007 album Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace – presents powerhouse guitars and energetic builds that make it just about impossible to remain neutral while listening. Dave Grohl does not disappoint on this aggressive track.

Barbieri shares some qualities with Grohl, who pounded the drum kit for Nirvana before moving up to the mic as lead in the Foo Fighters. This high school goalie not only protects the net, a position not often associated with taking the lead; he is also a driving force steering the team. Coach Conceison describes him as a “powerful voice” in the locker room and on the ice. We’re not sorry that Grohl or Barbieri moved up to the front.

The choice of this song as a pregame pscyh-up makes perfect sense. Lyrically about confrontation, the track is conflict-oriented and can help any listener face an opponent. Much like Barbieri, it’s about standing up and standing out. Plus, it straight up rocks.

You can catch Barbieri and the Devils this Saturday at the Ice Palace, and the Foo Fighters at Fenway this July. Both shows are not to be missed. Dig it!

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