TDP Recommends: “Feel it Still”

Trying to “stay woke” isn’t easy, especially when there’s so much to stay on top of these days. There’s no doubt, you gotta be informed and keep your eyes open. Working to find information, evaluate your sources, get out of your echo chamber, and be an engaged citizen is pretty exhausting. And, while being informed is necessary, so is being energized. Lucky for us, Portugal.The Man’s video for their new single, “Feel it Still,” keeps us on track.

The song, a super catchy pscyh-pop jam, calls out the sort of hipster “rebel” whose in the fight “just for kicks” while reminding us that there’s something real to fight for. The “feel” of resistance is more than just a social justice vibe, a slogan for your new graphic t-shirt, or a reason to argue with your uncle at family gatherings. Injustice is real. This swinging song reminds us that music still has an important role in serving social justice, just as it did in 1966 (as the song suggests).

In the past couple of years, a lot of musicians have used their music to comment on social and political issues. PTM is not unique in that way. They are, as always, bringing innovation to the latest music movement, however. In the video for “Feel it Still,” their first release since their 2013 album Evil Friends, PTM provides 30 ways to fight the power, so to speak. As the press release for their new interactive video states: while watching, viewers are “encouraged to find hidden Easter eggs designed to help #theresistance movement.” These “eggs”  include a direct dial to the White House, donation sites for Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, and a whole bunch of suggestions for actions of “resistance.” To experience the interactive version, “fight apathy” and “find the tools to resist,” head to their official site. If you’re more into the music than the message and just want to see some cool cars ready for demo while a guy dances through the junkyard, check out the version below.

This song is going to be in your head ALL DAY LONG. You’re welcome, Devils!

If you like bands like Cage the Elephant, Grouplove, and Modest Mouse, give Portugal.The Man a try. We think you’ll love them. They’ll be at the House of Blues on June 1st if you want to catch them live.

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