Four Year Strong Fall tour 2015 review


Worcester-based pop punk band Four Year Strong has always held a special place in my heart. With their poppy choruses, sing-alongs, and unique easycore breakdowns, they are a band to crowd surf to, while you cry and sing your heart angsty little heart out. I was more than excited when they announced their fall 2015 tour, especially because they were taking fellow massachusetts based hardcore band, Defeater with them. I knew immediately that the opportunity to see two bands I love in a small intimate setting was something I could not miss. I knew things would be close, packed, and personal for this show. Awesome.

I do happen to be good at attending shows, but definitely not getting myself to them. After a traffic filled stop-and-go drive down to Cambridge, I actually missed Elder Brother and Superheaven (the first two bands), but I can still boast about how awesome the last two were. First off was Defeater. All I can say is “wow.” With an entire discography telling the story of a dysfunctional family in the 1940s-50’s that was affected by death, betrayal, and alcoholism, every note of every one of their songs has meaning. Seeing their fans scream along with the lyrics with tears in their eyes was truly moving. For a melodic hardcore band, their performance was heart-wrenchingly emotional. Frontman Derek was the star of the show, and he blew me away. His face, covered in sweat and beet red the entire set, showed how much he puts into his performance. It was my first time seeing them, and after being so emotionally moved after their set, I know I will definitely be seeing them again.

After Defeater’s stellar performance, it was time for Four Year Strong. The bearded pop-punk masters of Worcester finally took the stage, opening up with “We all Float Down Here,” the first single off of their new self-titled album. They shredded through their setlist of old songs, new songs, and songs in between. Some highlights were “It Must Really Suck to be Four Year Strong Right Now,” “Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die,” and “Find my Way Back.” With all the energy they put out, the mosh pit was crazy all night.People joyfully singing along with every lyric whole pushing, flailing, and jumping around made it a strangely happy environment. Four Year Strong definitely knows how to get their fans together as one big family. Everyone in the venue was more than happy to be there, and were ecstatic to be sharing the night with like-minded fans. Ending the night with their hit, “Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)”, they didn’t hold back. Being back home in MA, it was the last night of the tour too. The emotion in the room played between the band and the audience beautifully. Up until the last note rang as they left the stage, they gave it their all, while the fans returned the favor in feedback and energy.

Everytime I see them, Four Year Strong just get better and better, which is why I’ll be attending their annual Christmas show in Worcester this December for the second year in a row. Expect a review on that, because these guys rock.

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