TDP News: Music Mondays Come to BHS


The Devils’ Playlist is very pleased to announce the start of MUSIC MONDAYS at BHS. We love music and we firmly believe that listening to music can help shape your day, lift your spirits, and open your mind. Thus, beginning on Monday, October 20th, we will be playing a song before the morning announcements to help you start your day. Because we value the concept of a music community here at TDP, we would like your help in choosing the songs we play. All you need to do is email us at with your song suggestion. Be sure you include the name of the song and the artist who performs it, as well as your name and your homeroom teacher’s name. As Monday mornings present a particular challenge in terms of preparing for the return of the school week, we are looking for positive songs, psych-up songs, or songs that just put you in a good mood. Anyone who suggests a song will be automatically entered to win our first monthly FREE TUNES FRIDAY drawing; the winner of the drawing will receive a $25.00 iTunes gift card. If we choose your song for Music Monday, your name will be entered into the drawing twice.

Good luck, Devils! And thank you for sharing the sounds that drive you.

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