TDP Recommends: Atlantic Manor- “Pull”

Atlantic Manor – a collaboration between BHS Devils’ Playist’s very own   and BHS alumnus, and lead singer of Grandview, Billy Restivo – digitally released their first track “Pull” earlier this week. The song’s lyrical depth presents cries of altered love, pleas for strength of action, and expressions of self questioning. The alternative sound starts slow, paralleling the wistful longing present in the early lyrics, and progresses to a powerful crescendo of percussion that culminates with frustrated questioning layered over a subtle screaming. Somehow simultaneously soft and loud, angry and affectionate, well crafted oppositions permeate the song and reflect the conflicting emotions present in changing relationships. The track, recorded at Billerica’s Kennedy Studios and engineered by BHS alumni Chris LaRocque and Nick Stewart, is a fantastic listen. Dig it, Devils!

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