TDP Recommends: “Pigeon Feathers” by River Whyless

River WhylessIn the words of the members themselves, North Carolina-based folk group River Whyless “is named in spirit of its ongoing love affair with the natural world,” and it is this propensity for a sort of ‘organic’ inspiration that has fueled the band’s amazingly unique folk-based sound. The quartet has been labeled as “folk-rock, nature-pop, and baroque-folk,” but in listening to the group’s 2012 release A Stone, A Leaf, An Unfound Door it is evident that the band’s music can be best described as thoroughly passionate both musically and lyrically.  Being one of the best tracks from this release, “Pigeon Feathers” acts as an epitomic representation of the album’s array of emotions, its interesting twists on traditional folk song structure, and the band’s impressive construction of varied dynamics and blissful melodies. If you’re in need of a sweet folk jam in your life, this track is for you. Dig it, Devils!

You can also download this track for free on the group Bandcamp page here:


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