TDP Sweet Sixteen Playlist: Mrs. Bernard

Mrs. Bernard, who teaches English to sophomores and juniors at BHS, is described by her students as “outgoing,” “nice,” and “no-nonsense” while being very “passionate” and “thoughtful” about her work. This is what she  has to say about what she was listening to at sixteen.

103670-pink_floyd_617_409When I was 16 I was a junior in high school and the year was 1998. I wore jeans, birkenstocks, and baggy sweaters or patchwork tank-tops. For me, music was a way to experience life with my friends. That life (way back then) included long drives to the beach, hikes in the woods, and bonfires at night on Little Neck. Yes, we were the “hippies” of Ipswich High School and our music reflected that. However, we liked to think of ourselves as the only ones with any real taste in music. We went to as many shows (yes, concerts are actually called shows) as possible and would get up early on Saturday mornings just to stand in line to buy tickets. When I hear one of the songs on my Sweet Sixteen I think of the people and places that I still love the most: Ipswich and my friends that I am still close with.

Mrs. Bernard’s- Sweet Sixteen

1. Led Zeppelin- “D’yer Maker”

2. Strangefolk- “Valhulla”

3. Dave Matthews Band- “Ants Marching”

4. G. Love and Special Sauce- “Cold Beverage”

5. A Tribe Called Quest- “We Can Get Down”

6. 311- “Don’t Stay Home”

7. Phish- “Bouncing Around the Room”

8. Pearl Jam- “Go”

9. Allman Brothers Band- “Ramblin’ Man”

10. Bob Dylan- “Hurricane”

11. Jamiroquai- “Virtual Insanity”

12. Them (with Van Morrison)- “Baby Please Don’t Go”

13. Pink Floyd- “Wish You Were Here”

14. Led Zeppelin- “Over the Hills and Far Away”

15. Bob Marley-” No Woman No Cry”

16. Dave Matthews Band- “Two Step”


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