TDP Recommends: Archie Pelago

Technology today has not only facilitated the recording and producing of traditional music, but also has spurred on the synthesis of totally new and exciting branches of sound design and performance. New York-based “creative collective” Archie Pelago combines the highly traditional and melodic tones of the cello and saxophone with the session management and creative beat-making capabilities of the DJ. Together with the aid of various digital and hardware tools, the trio of Cosmo D, Kroba, and Hirshi create eclectic and melody-driven songs and live mixes that retain the musical beauty and technical mastery of the instruments used, yet rebound with the energy of punchy electro-style beats and pulse of dance music. Archie Pelago’s marriage of the old and new is easy for non-musicians to enjoy while still providing the musical connoisseur and analyst with much to explore, study, and reflect upon. Check them out, Devils; you’ll dig them!

 The trio’s latest EP, Lakeside Obelisk, is available on iTunes. You can also find an in-depth interview and authentic studio performance on the Ableton website at:

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