TDP Music News: Local Band The Dirty Looks Release New Single “Catholic Radio”

catholic radioAfter writing three different records over the past year and ultimately deciding to scrap all of them, it seems as though Burlington, MA-based band The Dirty Looks have been through it all. Despite these recent challenges, after a creative burst that consisted of about a week and a half of constant writing, the band created four songs they were truly proud of and recorded them in just three days. Being the first single from this upcoming EP, “Catholic Radio” expresses just how much this persistence benefitted the band as a whole. With a sound characterized by beautifully articulated guitar parts and grooves that are undeniably jammin’, this single creates a perfect mesh between conscientious, well thought-out musicality and a universally enjoyable rock attitude. In addition to the track’s impressive cohesiveness, “Catholic Radio” has arguably the band’s catchiest chorus to date and acts as a beautiful first single, enticing listeners to check out the rest of the upcoming EP. The track simultaneously sets high expectations for the rest of the songs that The Dirty Looks are sure to fulfill. So what should you do, Devils? Why not give “Catholic Radio” a listen? It’ll be your next jam!

Check out the single on The Dirty Looks’ bandcamp page here:


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