TDP Recommends: “Golden Twin” by Wild Ones

Wild OnesOften times, the best kinds of songs are those during which one can sit back, nod in rhythm, and just jam in silence. If you are looking for this euphoric kind of effect, look no further than the band known as the Wild Ones. Sporting a lush and equally infectious sound, the Portland, Oregon-based five-piece teams together to seamlessly amalgamate influences that include hardcore punk, techno, and classical. As one could assume, the product of these diverse influences is impressively unique, creating a sound that is best described as a blissful pop paradise with an intense focus on musicality. Being one of the catchiest and most enjoyable songs from their most recent release Keep This Safe, “Golden Twin” encapsulates all of the Wild Ones’ potential and expresses just how versatile their pop and electronica-laced tracks can be. Dig it, Devils!

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