TDP Recommends: M83 – “Wait”

You know what’s worse than getting rejected from a college? Getting waitlisted. The wait list is the purgatory (or limbo, if you’re into Inception) of the college admissions process, and last weekend I found myself hanging out in this very purgatory. After going through denial, anger, bargaining, and depression, I have reached the last stage of the five stages of grief: acceptance. Maybe something good will happen, and if it doesn’t, c’est la vie. Because in the end, all I could do is to, well, wait.

And what better way to celebrate the waitlist than by listening to the fittingly named “Wait”? Behind the cryptic, sparse lyrics is an ethereal piece of music, so much that “Wait” has transcended its status as a song – it is a journey. The accompanying video takes “Wait” even further: it becomes an experience. “Wait” is so immersive, all sense of time and space is lost, leaving you with a sense of calmness – you might as well be floating in a cumulus cloud. And when the cloud dissipates, maybe the wait will be over. Dig it, Devils!

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