TDP Recommends: Mavis Staples- “I Like The Things About Me”

In this groovy and moody song from her latest album One True Vine, Mavis Staples, a legendary American rhythm and blues and gospel singer, embraces her individuality.  Described as vocally-warm by critics and fans, since her beginnings as singer, Staples’s purpose for performing came from her passion for civil rights.  At only fifteen years old, she vocally lead the gospel band, the Staple Singers, often being mistaken for either a man or a grown woman because of the aforementioned warmth and lowness of her voice.  While the majority of her songs contain a religious message, “I Like The Things About Me” applies to all people who have struggled with their self-image.  The song focuses on the positive influence of the singer’s age onto her perception of herself.  The subtle saxophone complements Staples’s low and slow voice to emphasize the maturity within the lyrics, while the electric guitar adds a modern twist onto the classic genre of rhythm and blues.  Mavis Staples’s “I Like The Things About Me” is an overall success through its simple and relatable lyrics as well as its strong potential in empowering the listener.  Dig it, Devils!

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