TDP Recommends: “Flora” by Teen Daze

teen dazeIf beautifully trippy dreams had a soundtrack, what would it consist of? The answer to that question is anything written by Matthew Halverson, an electronic solo artist who goes by the name “Teen Daze.” Inspired by the gorgeous forests and nature present throughout his homeland in British Columbia, Canada, Halverson took to writing his “insular, droning ambient music” at the end of 2012 and hasn’t stopped since. He describes how rather than using his music as an escape or refuge from reality,  “he simply engages his work with his reality, his physical world.” Whether you’re inspired by the vast power of nature or not, his electronic instrumentals use music to paint a mental image of beauty, serenity, and pure energy that is best described as utterly ethereal. Being one of the best tracks on his most recent release Glacier, “Flora” expresses the impressive capability of Halverson to create an electronic symphony with chill synthesizers, fluid melodies, and bobbing grooves that could calm a bull in a china shop. So if you need a moment to just sit back, relax, dissolve, and absorb the energy of your surroundings, why not have Teen Daze’s “Flora” help make your meditative experience that much better? Dig it, Devils!

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