TDP Recommends: “I Feel So” by Boxcar Racer

Boxcar Racer Logo

This recommendation of “I Feel So” by Boxcar Racer comes just in time for another ‘throwback Thursday.’ This track, recorded back in 2001 as a side-project for Blink-182 singer, Tom Delonge, found its origins during a period of musical frustration for the singer, with Delonge admitting that he felt an “itch to do something where he didn’t feel locked in to what Blink was.” Using this frustration to his advantage during the side-project’s short-lived duration, Delonge was able to satisfy his creative desires, creating a record that was undoubtedly darker and more structurally complex than anything Blink-182 had released at that point in time. While today many only know Delonge for his amazingly popular endeavors with Blink-182, “I Feel So,” one of only two singles released from the self-titled Boxcar Racer album, encapsulates all of the angst and insecurity in a manner that acts as an excellent representation of the album as a whole. The track has it all, aggressive, more punk-driven sections, confessional lyrics, and a chorus that is memorable as it is easily relatable. Dig it, Devils! Check out the music video below:

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