TDP Recommends: “Hothouse” by 78Violet

Widely recognized for their Disney affiliations, the Michalka sisters, Aly and AJ have evolved from their rigid, tween-appeal pop into the mature, indie duo, 78Violet.  Their first single as 78Violet, “Hothouse,” focuses on temptation as the main theme, getting back to raw, liberating humanity.  The sisters’ voices combine together in a captivating, siren-like harmony, emphasizing the alluring deception within the lyrics.  Their music video features an array of nature imagery interwoven with soft and subtle lighting effects.  With its artsy and bohemian flare, the video itself becomes a musical reincarnation of an Instagram filter.  Despite being slightly cliched, the music video will make you wish that you, too, were in a field of mustangs and dancing around in a random greenhouse.  “Hothouse” is a great song for the dedicated fans of the singers’ Disney days and the lovers of messy hair and the 70s vibe.  Dig it, Devils!

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