TDP Recommends: “…and to Those Who Carry On” by Gates

you are all you have left to fearGates, a five-piece alternative band from New Jersey, are the perfect example of a local band who aptly deserves every single ounce of attention they have been receiving. Since the release of their 2012 EP titled You Are All You Have Left to Fear, the band signed to California-based independent record label Pure Noise Records and had the opportunity to reissue their EP to a wider audience. With You Are All You Have Left to Fear, Gates have managed to create six tracks as impressive as they are unprecedentedly unique. On this standout track “…and to Those Who Carry On,” Gates highlight why they have progressed as a constantly expanding presence in the alternative/indie music scene, creating a masterfully composed track that has beautifully orchestrated guitar work, roaring and emotionally-gripping vocals, along with a musicality and overall atmosphere that could easily stir pensive thought and introspection. Check out the band’s studio version of the track as well as the live in-studio session version below:

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