TDP Sweet Sixteen Playlist: Ms. Fishel

Ms. Fishel is a BHS history teacher, who is described by her students as a “super nice” educator who “always tries to make things fun and interesting for the kids in her classes.” Here is what she has to say about the songs she was listening to when she was sixteen. 

 UnknownI turned 16 in the Fall of 2005.  I remember music being particularly important to me during my sophomore year of high school and my brown paper bag covered textbooks were covered in lyrics that managed to describe my life perfectly.  I listened to my overwhelming library of music on my pink 1st Generation iPod mini and while I always had it on me in school, I took my headphones off during class (grrr).  I made playlists for every event or potential situation – “Songs for Driving Around”; “Songs for Running”; “Songs that Make Me Miss [enter name of boyfriend].”  Looking back it seems laughable, but it was what I spent hours and hours doing.  I had a skater-punk boyfriend at the time (skinny jeans, sleeveless jean jacket with patches, studded belts, etc.) and he would always ask me to download him music, which eventually landed on my iPod as well.  I tried to stay pretty diverse – you never know when you’ll need a good ‘driving around’ song, a dance party jam, or a song that just understands exactly how you feel at that particular time.

The Songs of Sixteen (Fishel-edition)

1.  FM Static – “Hey Now” (This song was a hidden track on the album What Are You Waiting For?. It’s not on the Spotify playlist below, but  you can listen to it on  YouTube here.)

2.  Natasha Bedingfield – “Unwritten”

3.  Bubba Sparxxx – “Miss New Booty” (hilarious)

4.  Nelly – “Grillz”

5.  Ne-Yo – “So Sick”

6.  Alkaline Trio – “Time to Waste”

7.  The Veronicas – “4ever” (This was my ringtone the summer of 2006 – it only played 30 seconds of the chorus and it was so obnoxious.)

8.  Silverstein – “My Dagger vs. Your Sword”

9.  Anti-Flag – “The Press Corpse”

10.  Mario – “Let Me Love You” (still one of my personal favorite jams)

11.  Against Me! – “Cavalier Eternal”

12.  Sia – “Breathe Me” (I did this for a recital – still can’t get enough of it.)

13.  Rilo Kiley – “Portions for Foxes”

14.  Dashboard Confessional – “Hands Down” (so many feels..)

15.  Panic! at the Disco – “Time to Dance” (Chuck Palahniuk is one of my favorite authors, and I’ve always loved how Panic! took so much of his books in their early songs)

16.  Taking Back Sunday – “There’s no ‘I’ in Team”

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