TDP Music News: Phony “Rock Star” Scams Banks Out of 11 Million Dollars

Robery MahwinneyABC recently covered the perplexing story of Robert Mawhinney, a 30 year-old self-proclaimed international “rock star” who was formerly singer of the Los Angeles band, Light Over Paris. By doctoring loan application documents, he was able to get four separate banks to believe that he had almost $8,000,000 in assets. With these deceptive techniques, he obtained $11 million and funded absurdly luxurious all night parties, several Los Angeles apartments, as well as a $750,000 custom touring van for the band.  According to friends, he truly believed he was the next “rock star,” hoping to rise up to the top of the charts and become the new Blink-182. Recently, Mawhinney was sentenced to seven years in prison for these fraudulent actions. Check out ABC’s coverage of the story by clicking on the link below:

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