TDP Music News: Local Band Grandview Release First Full Length

a3747130277_2Yesterday, local Burlington band, Grandview, released their first full length record titled Everything Between Paint and a Wall. The band’s LP includes eleven impressively composed tracks produced and engineered by Chris LaRocque and Steve Aliperta at the Billerica-based recording studio, Kennedy Studios. The band features all BHS alumni students including Billy Restivo on vocals and rhythm guitar, Lucas Restivo and Joshua Rosenberg on lead guitar, Mike Beland on bass, and Tom Rose on drums. Their previous EP, Absolutely Nothing, showcased their skill and served as evidence of each member’s impressive ability to work cohesively as a band, but on Everything Between Paint and a Wall, it is clear that this band is full of inherent talent, melodic sensibility, and authentic passion for the music they create. From start to finish, the album is emotionally heart-wrenching, both lyrically and musically, but also expresses a vast array of different moods and atmospheres that significantly add to the overall versatility and diversity of the record. All of the eleven tracks express the band’s dynamic capability with their wonderfully appropriate use of riveting highs and chilling lows while they are also able to highlight their equally captivating structural creativity with various stylistic approaches to each track. With Everything Between Paint and a Wall, Grandview have cemented their role as one of the most impressive and talented acts in the Boston music scene. Check out the album on the band’s BandCamp page below!

Stand out tracks: “The Only Constant,” “To the Sun,” “Saw the Sky,” and “Shaper”

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