TDP Recommends: “In Per Morbus” by HRVRD

hrvrd“Live music has so much potential for greatness,” expresses vocalist Jesse Clasen of the North Carolina-based band, HRVRD. He believes that  “a studio recording is a snapshot of where a song is at that moment, and it should always continue to evolve and take on new perspectives.” It is this mentality that led the band into the studio to recreate live versions of a few songs from their 2010 release The Interpretations EP. In what the band calls ‘The Laundry Room Session,’ HRVRD released these ‘re-interpretations’ of their songs through a series of YouTube videos that includes the eerie track “In Per Morbus.” With this song, the band manages to create an amazingly haunting and equally beautiful track, most impressive perhaps for its captivating orchestration. The song’s relatively minimalist atmosphere is able to perfectly capture Clasen’s dark vocal tone and wonderful falsetto-style singing with the use of piano that dominates much of the song with its swaying melodies and gentle articulation.  The additional instrumentation of the quiet drums and bass coupled with the reverb-laced guitar melodies only adds to this song, highlighting the amazing chemistry HRVRD have together in their live performances. Dig it, Devils!

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