TDP Recommends: “No Name #3” by Elliott Smith

Music has the wonderful ability to be both remarkably simple and profoundly powerful; such is the case with Elliott Smith’s “No Name #3.”  One of four “no name” tracks from Smith’s 1997 LP Roman Candle, this track is a lyrical masterpiece. Smith’s gentle, eerily harmonic vocals are spotlighted by a quiet and calming acoustic backing; however, the three-voice, bare-bones song is regardless as moving as it is beautiful, owing to the deep and thoughtful poetry born of Smith’s pen. “No Name #3” is the song for that lazy, rainy Saturday, when it’s time to reflect on life and find hope in new places. Its solemn presentation acknowledges the flaws in all of us, but its open and hopeful feel tells of happier days to come. Take a chance on this one, Devils; you’ll dig it!

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