TDP Recommends: “Strong” by London Grammar

UnknownFormed in 2012 in Nottingham, England, the music of London Grammar parallels greatly with the overcast, lazy feeling one gets during the bitter fall days.  Guitarist, Dan Rothman, and vocalist, Hannah Reid, met while attending  the University of Nottingham in 2009.  The two later added multi-instrumentalist to the group and posted their first song, “Hey Now,” on Youtube in 2012. The band is a perfect example of a Youtube success story. Their debut album, If You Wait, reached number two on the UK Albums Chart in 2013.  “Strong” itself made it to number 16.

This lovely song provides the perfect accompaniment for that cup of tea on cold winter evenings.  Hannah Reid’s hauntingly beautiful voice elicits a feeling of calmness that no thunderstorm can pervade or destroy.  The background music is soft and slow, nothing too exciting that might ruin your perfect night. The combination of Reid’s powerful voice and the emotion-laden music creates an ethereal sound that will follow you throughout your day.

London Grammar is touring now, and will play Boston this coming April.

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