TDP Recommends: “Isla Drown” by Death Vessel

13980Death Vessel, lasting star of the many indie music scenes in New England, recently released a new single, “Isla Drown,” from the upcoming album Island Intervals. Fans are eagerly awaiting the issue of Death Vessel’s full-length follow-up to the 2008 album Nothing is Precious Enough for Us,  and the break of this song has heightened their already lofty expectations. The voice of Death Vessel, Rhode Island-based neo-traditional folk singer Joel Thibodeau, has been described as angelic, dreamy, eerie, otherworldly, winsome, and even sideshow-esque. No matter what the description, however, listeners agree that Thibodeau’s undeniably feminine intonation is both captivating and masterful.  Island Intervalsproduced by Alex Somers of Sigur Rós at his studio in Reykjavik, Iceland – is scheduled to launch via Sub Pop Records in late February, 2014.  This single, which features Sigur Rós frontman – Jónsi, reflects Thibodeau’s ability to capture the sweet beauty of our most imaginative dreamscapes. The combination of Thibodeau’s stunningly poetic lyrics and exquisite voice is simultaneously expressive of extreme vastness and familiar intimacy. “Isla Drown” is a beautiful song, one that portends an unforgettable album. Dig it, Devils!

Want to hear more Death Vessel? Listen to Joel Thibodeau sing “Block My Eye,” from the 2008 album Nothing is Precious Enough for Us.

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