TDP Recommends: “Snowglobe” by Owel

owelOwel, an impressive quintet from New York and New Jersey, are a perfect example of the consequential chemical reaction resulting from the combination of being the right band at the right place at the right time. The group, with their electronica keyboard parts, captivating guitar work, and lead singer’s versatile vocal capabilities, have struck a chord in the hearts of local listeners.  Although, due to the wide range of musical influences reflected in their work, the band’s creative capabilities cannot effectively be encapsulated by a single genre, recently they have begun receiving a great deal of attention as an new breed “emo” band. Listeners are drawn to the emotionally gripping lyrics and shifting moods present throughout their self-titled album, which was released in April of this year.  In their song “Snowglobe,” the album’s opening track, the band is able to epitomize their sound combining enchanting keyboard melodies with spacey guitar parts and heartfelt vocals that build throughout the entire song. The song picks up while still maintaining its enamoring dreamscape qualities, perfectly transitioning from section to section with great diversity, portraying an array of emotions from brooding to hopeful. From start to finish, the song expresses the band’s right to all of the attention they have received, creating a compositionally complex track that does not lose its appeal at any moment. More recently, the band has become part of the ever-expanding list of artists being labeled as part of the apparent ‘emo revival’ taking place in the alternative music scene and was deservedly placed on’s list of “12 Bands To Know From The Emo Revival.” This song, as well as their first release, have just begun Owel’s imminent rise to popularity and recognition.

Check out Owel’s “Snowglobe” here:

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