TDP Music News: Local Band Landing Feet First Release First EP

LFFThis past Sunday local band Landing Feet First released their first professionally recorded EP titled Everywhere You Left Me, tracked at the Billerica-based recording studio Kennedy Studios. The album features BHS alumnus Peter DeBarros on bass as well being engineered and mixed by graduate Chris LaRocque at Kennedy Studios. All of the band’s members have taken their various experiences in previous local bands and have combined them with their diverse musical influences to create an EP that undeniably highlights their creative musical capabilities. In terms of musicality, the album shines in its interestingly orchestrated guitar work, eliciting thoughts of post-rock and indie influenced acts such as Gates. This impressive melodic sensibility is present throughout, especially on the opening intro track “A Whale Shark Is Cool.”  All members seem to have an equal mastery of their instruments on the six tracks, having separate moments when all members are able to individually show their abilities without taking away from the overall cohesiveness of the EP. Lyrically, the tracks have a very emo-influenced and introspective tone to them that often adequately fits the moods throughout the EP. While some songs play around with various experimental structures, the EP also contains more straightforward rock tunes such as “Sow the Seeds,” which also expresses lead singer Thomas Berak’s impressive vocal control. While Landing Feet First are able to stay true to their vast array of influences, they are also able to successfully create a unique sound that has helped them to begin to create a name for themselves in the local music scene with an EP that is definitely worth a listen.

 Check out Landing Feet First’s EP here:

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