TDP Sweet Sixteen Playlist: Ms. Netishen

 Here is what Ms. Netishen, a well-respected English teacher known as one of BHS’s most challenging educators, was listening to when she was sixteen. 

This is what she has to say about her experiences with music at that age.

With the finality of someone flipping a record over, I woke up one morning incredibly bored with the music I was listening to.  KISS 108 and JAMN 94.5 may have provided fun dance music, but as a teenager, I was generally too moody for dancing. (Yes, this trait has persisted.)  I had seen bumper stickers for different alternative rock radio stations, 104.1 and 101.7, and I decided to try them instead of my usual.  I never went back.


Suddenly, music was no longer on the periphery of my life but a huge focus.  I consumed endless and all types of music magazines, trying to get the newest and best information on my favorite bands.  I would listen to the radio for hours on end, taping songs that I liked and cursing the DJs when they wouldn’t announce who they were playing.  Since this was the age before Shazaam, I was forced into some light detective work that took the form of multiple embarassing encounters with the clerks at Tower Records and Newbury Comics, reciting (often incorrect) lyrics and occasionally humming, always on the quest to identify and obsess over a new favorite song.

pj-harvey-pj-harvey-6178966-700-430Music became a way for me to deepen and cement friendships in ways I never expected.  A girl in my homeroom with whom I was friendly ended up becoming a fellow detective — I said I liked her Oasis tshirt, and we were off, playing each other mystery tapes of songs we couldn’t identify (“Kinder Words” is one of those), and making tapes for each other.  These tapes were exercises in appreciation, in trying to expose a friend to a world they weren’t familiar with, but a world that meant the world to the maker.

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