TDP Recommends: “Pegasus” by Stan Kenton

A Latin standard that soars under the talent of Stan and his big band, this track stands as one of the greatest examples of what talented arrangers can do with music. “Pegasus” moves quickly between breathy, melodic, legato phrases to wide-open choruses filled with giant brass hits and the WHOOSH! of china cymbals, and even touches upon a traditional swing section before coming to an all-too-soon close. The definitive recording of a Hank Levy chart, Kenton’s “Pegasus” features an articulate and uptempo solo by trumpeter Tim Hagans and pauses that are played just as well as the notes themselves. “Pegasus” stood out as one of the highlights on Stan’s final studio LP,  Journey Into Capricorn; this melancholy tune brings wonderful closure to an illustrious career of arranging and piano-playing. Dig it, Devils!

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