TDP Recommends: ‘Gold Lion’ by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The alternative/art punk band Yeah Yeah Yeahs have always known how to balance between composing soft and loud songs, while not limiting themselves to the widespread associations with the two types.  In their song “Gold Lion,” Karen O’s voice adopts both husky and ringing qualities to smoothly develop a simple beat into a raucous instrumental.  Starting off slightly rigid and timed, by its end, “Gold Lion” erupts into full-blown crazy-mode in which all of the musicians try to out-do each other.  However, it does not lose the craft of its strong emotional impact in a “first-band-rehearsal” kind of way.  “Gold Lion” is a head-banging song without being solely based on angst and screaming.  It is perfect for spurs of extreme creativity and the mentally-rejuvenating breaks between piles of work.  The eccentric trio released their new LP Mosquito in April 2013 and are currently playing some select shows without yet going on tour.


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