TDP Music News: Kanye West Comes to Boston

Kanye West, who is currently touring for his new album Yeezus, played the TD Garden in Boston this past Sunday. Luckily, BHS alumnus Mark Steinbach, class of 2013, was there to catch the show and share his thoughts on the experience. Here is what Mark, guest author for The Devils’ Playlist had to say about Kanye’s performance:

From the moment we entered the TD Garden, it was clear that the Yeezus Tour would ambitiously set out to present a concert as visually stunning and shocking as the album itself. After a fairly uneven performance from Kendrick Lamar, the staff at the Garden went about constructing Mr. West’s awe-inspiring stage, fit with a mountain at the back and a cliff-like structure at the fore of the stage. Twelve expressionless women (dressed in practically nothing) then took to the stage. These twelve women would be only one of many bizarre motifs that would come back again and again during the performance. Finally Yeezus himself took the stage at about 8:30, setting off a two hour clash of energy and art, the likes of which I had never seen before. There were few surprises in Kanye’s setlist. He hit all ten tracks on Yeezus, older favorites like “Jesus Walks” and “Runaway.” He gave his fans just what he wanted. Admittedly my expectations weren’t too high for some of the songs from Yeezus translating to the live venue. The energy would of course be there, but some of the very intense industrial sounds on the album struck me as potentially grating when in a large venue like the Garden. But I was completely wrong. Songs like “Blood on the Leaves” and “Hold My Liquor” just brought the house down. Older favorites like “Good Life” and “Flashing Lights” were particularly fun for the live crowd. From a personal standpoint, hearing “Lost in the World,” my favorite Kanye song, made it all worthwhile. Add in a classic ten-minute Kanye rant and a plethora of religious imagery, and you have an unforgettable night that only Kanye could truly do justice. By the end it was clear that everyone in the building just saw a two-hour showcase of an artist in full control of his powers ‒ bold, brash, experimental and nothing short of genius.

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