TDP Music News: Blink-182 Self-Titled Record 10 Year Anniversary

blink 182Blink-182’s critically-acclaimed self-titled record turns ten today, an album hailed by critics as their best to date, an album that took a great band and made them that much better. Blink-182 took their signature pop-punk sound and morphed it into a more experimental record that showed their potential to write darker, moodier songs that held more depth and highlighted their diverse influences.  Ten years later, this record still hits just as hard as it did back in 2003, expressing the inherent and impressive songwriting capabilities of one of the most influential bands of the late 90s/early 2000s.

To celebrate the anniversary of the album, the band performed several dates in early November, playing the entire album in full along with several of their other iconic songs at a select few shows at the Hollywood Palladium. As a result of the ridiculously high demand for more commemoration shows, the band performed a few more select shows, even throwing in some unique cameos during the performances of their song “Dammit” that included rappers such as Machine Gun Kelley and LL Cool J.

With all this nostalgia comes even better news for what Blink-182 has in store for the future. In a recent interview with LA Times, bassist and singer Mark Hoppus confirmed that Blink-182 will be releasing a follow-up album to their 2012 EP “Dogs Eating Dogs.” Hoppus stated that the band is looking to begin recording their new album sometime in the next 90 days, hoping to record somewhere in southern California similar to where the self-titled record was written and recorded. All of this news leaves fans with an eager desire for new material, anticipating an album of the same caliber as their 2003 self-titled, which remains undeniably irreplaceable today.

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