TDP Sweet Sixteen Playlist: Mr. Whitten

In an effort to grow our music community here at BHS, we reached out to the faculty and staff. We wanted to know what they were listening to when they were sixteen, and to learn about what music meant to them at that age. The responses were pretty amazing. Here is the first playlist in a recurring TDP series called “The Sweet Sixteen”; this list features sixteen songs Mr. Whitten was listening to when he was sixteen-years-old. Mr. Whitten is the Head of the History Department at BHS, and a truly inspiring teacher.

*NOTE: The fourteenth song on Mr. Whitten’s list is a cover version. Led Zeppelin has chosen not to release their music on sharing sites. You can, however, check out the song performed live by clicking HERE. The sixteenth song on Mr. Whitten’s list would be anything by The Beatles, but due to copyright laws we also can’t include Beatles songs on our playlists. Sorry, Devils.

Def Leppard

Here’s what Mr. Whitten has to say about his playlist:

At 16 I was listening to lots of pop, but on the more fringes of pop.  I had lots of folk in my life from my parents (represented by the Kingston Trio covering a Bob Dylan song), and Rap had just gotten started with Run DMC and Beastie Boys making a pretty strong impression on me and my basketball teammates.  Led Zeppelin was my introduction to actual Rock earlier in my life, and that spilled over into GnR, and some hair metal as well, hence the Def Leppard. I liked songs that were longer, hence Genesis, Floyd and the Grateful Dead.  My tastes ran all over the place, and listening to this playlist tells me that I had a broad palate for music then, but thankfully it has refined itself over the years!

Look for more Sweet Sixteen playlists in the days and weeks to come. 

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