TDP Recommends: Tori Amos- “Cornflake Girl”

Disclaimer: The following song features sensitive subject matter. 

Hearing a classically-trained pianist jam out to reggae and alternative is refreshing and inspiring, and Tori Amos’s 1994 hit “Cornflake Girl” combines all three genres to provide Amos with a well-deserved cult following.  Through its puzzling lyrics, “Cornflake Girl” packs the complex concept of female trust and controversial genital mutilation into a symbolic representation.  The slow, moody, and repetitive instrumentals simply make the song hauntingly-beautiful, while the highest notes of Amos’s extensive vocal range emphasize a woman’s pain, suffering, detachment, and confusion in a misogynistic culture.  The seriousness and density of “Cornflake Girl” is perfect for an analytical listener and a lover of revealing and empowering music.  Watch the video below to listen to the wonderfully-creative and intelligent Tori Amos talk more about the conception of “Cornflake Girl.”  Dig it, Devils!

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