Snoopzilla Goes Funk


Snoop Lion, formerly Snoop Dogg, has changed his name once again. The hip hop icon who made millions on repeating lines like “Drop it like it’s hot!” is now going by the name Snoopzilla, and his moniker is not all he’s reinventing. Snoopzilla is currently working on a collaborative project with Dam-Funk, called 7 Days of Funk. Although Snoop Dogg’s music was clearly informed by the Funk tradition, Snoopzilla’s decision to work with Dam-Funk, a musician described as a “boogie revivalist” who is “keeping the funk alive,” suggests Snoop’s style is shifting and he is embracing a new sound . The full length result of the collaboration is expected to drop in mid-December, but they have already released their first single: “Faden Away.” Check it out:

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